Sunday, January 12, 2014

10 Rules of Weight Training for Fat Loss

If you want to achieve fat loss, weight training is the best form of training that you can do. It offers more advantages than any other training modality in relation to the time you put into it . Here are the 10 rules of weight training are you know you need to lose fat fast .
1- Perform your reps with perfect technique
Strength training, although it is extremely advantageous , can be a dangerous activity . Make sure you learn the proper technique for each exercise, you will perform in your program and for the best results working with a trainer who can help you to refine your technique.

2- Incomplete rest periods
Try to get as much rest as possible to minimize during training for fat loss. 30-45 seconds is the ideal time for a rest time as it . Incomplete recovery, which can lead to better results

3- Use a long time under tension
Time under tension is how long it takes each repetition . The longer the time under tension is the exercise that it is generally more effective for fat loss . Try the eccentric or lowering part to control each exercise for 3 to 4 seconds for the best results .

4- Full body workouts
In training for fat loss with weights, not body part split routines no place. Full body workouts are going to be effective for this purpose because they provide a higher metabolic challenge , create more systemic fatigue and a better investment of time .

5- Always seek progression

Each time you go to the gym , you should be better. Here are some ways you can progress :

- More weight on the bar

- Less rest between sets

- More reps per set

- Other sets per workout

- More workouts per week

Try this and you will succeed .

6- Alternate upper body and lower body lifts
Always place an upper body lift in addition to a lower body lift in a fat loss program . This is very difficult on the cardiovascular system than the body needs to switch the flow of blood . Be careful not link to exercises where the grip is the limiting factor. An example of this is pull-ups and dead lifts .

7- Always try to use compound movements
In fat loss workout there is no room for isolation exercises . They can be used when there is an imbalance that needs to be addressed , but generally stick to lifts that involve two or more joints, such as squats and dead lifts .

8- Change your program every 4-6 weeks
Your body is a highly adaptable organism and diversity must be there to prevent adaptation . The trick is to not change too often , as you will not be able to be progress .

9- Keep your training sessions of 60 minutes 
If you train properly for fat loss , you will not be able to train for over 60 minutes!

10- Work out at least 4 days per weeks
The successful trainees go the gym at least 4 times a week. Consistency trumps intensity with fat loss.

If you follow these rules of strength training for fat loss , you will undoubtedly be successful target . Best of luck !

Tips to Follow for Rapid Weight Loss

Are you looking for very simple rapid weight loss tips and tricks that you can use to change your body completely ? Then you are exactly right with us. Because here you will find the best quick weight loss tips for free . Actually, losing weight fast is an ultimate goal of almost all that is committed on dieting . It makes even extreme affects how you look and how others see. With obesity can cause depression and health risks. Therefore, it is important to get into a great shape. If you have a fast weight loss, you will notice the big numbers of positive changes in your life. You will have the confidence in yourself and be able to live your life to the fullest .
Important Things in Rapid Weight Loss
There is no question that the weight loss tricks that you can use , but the exercise and a balanced diet are two biggest keys to weight loss and fat loss. Sure , everyone knows that if it burns more calories than he is eating , he will quickly gain fat. There are many articles that are geared to help you achieve rapid weight loss , but most of them have complicated ideas to implement . The purpose of this article is to give you some very simple rapid weight loss tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your daily life easy with the help fat loss, without confusion.

Here are six very simple rapid weight loss tips and tricks which after implementing you will quickly lose more pounds than you ever thought itself was impossible.

Only go for shopping when you have eaten something
When you go shopping for food, it is important to keep in mind that you something before he ate . This is because when you to the grocery store on an empty stomach you visit tries too much food to buy, and a lot of them kind of junk foods which cure your hunger but offer little to no nutritional value, do not , causes rapid weight loss, although leads to weight gain .

Never leave your home hungry
Remember , before you eat a dinner . This will allow the food in less quantities and hunger can dictate your eating habits. Therefore, have a light snack such as a piece of fruit of some chopped vegetables before eating in the restaurant. You will not be as likely from the tried most fattening meal and the chances are that you avoid the desert menu.

Avoid taking any dressings or sauces
Dressings and sauces heaped over salads or vegetables can be a healthy meal turned into an unhealthy one will cause . Most of these sauces and dressings contain a huge amount of calories that hinder your weight loss efforts. If you have a dressing with salad , ask for a low-fat one or better yet ask your sauces and low calorie dressings on a page.

Drink more than six glasses of water
Water is very important for fast weight loss. Actually water helps digesting your food and flushes out toxins . Because if you drink more water , you will reduce fluid retention, prevent and blew a bloated look.

Keep eating until you are full
When you're young , keep mothers tell the end of the food in the plate. However, this is detrimental to the rapid weight loss program. This is the reason that you should only eat until you are full. Eat slowly and give some time to the body for digestion.