Sunday, December 15, 2013

How Soy reduces weight loss easy

Soybeans for food diet miraculously , and the health and vitality of the body, because it protects against many diseases , including coronary heart disease, due to its richness in nutrients and do not provide the body with calories excess calories which makes it effective in the process of reducing excess weight.

What you do not know about soy
Soy contains a high proportion of fibers necessary for the success of a plan for weight loss and healthy fats are beneficial to the heart, and a large amount of protein and essential nutrients to the body. Diet rich in protein, soy , comprising at least an effective meal or two meals a day, in the prevention of coronary heart disease, and prevention of prostate cancer and breast cancer because it contains antioxidants known as is oflavones, which contributes to self - destruction of cancer cells.

The health benefits of soy
Eat at least 25 grams of soy protein in your daily diet lowers blood cholesterol , especially LDL cholesterol called LDL.
Soy contains large amounts of phytoestrogens or plant chemicals similar to estrogen, a female hormone , research has shown that phytoestrogens can reduce the risk of cancer, including breast cancer and prostate cancer , as phytoestrogens relieving menopausal symptoms and hot flashes osteoporosis .
Soy is a rich source of calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones, also contains magnesium , boron necessary to promote the work of calcium in the body.
Soy products help the success of a diet to lose weight because of the low calories and fat and high in protein and calcium metabolism and enhanced by the availability of fiber in soybeans which helps you feel full .

Soybean reserves
Should consult a specialist to ensure that opposes eating soy with health , although the positive nutritional benefits for soybeans , some people who suffer from an allergy to it , especially children and infants do not recommend taking it, and they should avoid soy completely their diet.

Food sources of the benefits of soy
There are many foods that contain soy , and make them like hamburgers and hot dogs and meat substitutes . There is also a soy milk as an alternative to animal milk , and there is also a soy flour as a healthier alternative to wheat flour . Besides tofu, which is the most popular among soy foods. It can also be cooked fresh green soybeans and consumed in a meal. All these sources are sold in supermarkets and can be obtained and approved in the diet on a daily basis .

Soy and your diet
Now no more soy diet without cutting taste the tofu, but was developed to enter lunches and gives flavor to taste and interest, as in burgers meat and hot dogs, ice cream and other alternatives to meat and soy cheese . Here are some ways to incorporate soy products in your daily meals :

Add tofu or soymilk dishes like tofu puree can be added to the cheese and use soy milk instead of milk in the manufacture of sweets.
Use soymilk instead of the cow milk to make milk shakes, fruit juices and ice cream .
Add soy nuts and peanuts in the bowl of salad or eaten as a snack.
Use soy butter instead of peanut butter in sandwiches . And use slices of marinated grilled tofu instead of meat.

Your health and soybean
Enjoy your diet , the benefits of soy beyond meat and dairy products, and devoid of harmful fats and heart contains dozens of nutrients that comprise a balanced diet helps prevent cholesterol, pressure , heart disease , cancer , obesity and you enjoy health and vitality.

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  1. Amen to this. The wonders of soy never cease to amaze me. I always go for natural remedies myself. I can recommend other natural cures if you need more help about getting healthy.